Programs in Weekly Meetings
May 1, 2024
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Kanako Hamasaki: Representative Director, Yuuhisai Koudoukan
Topics Self introduction and a topic about Kan-ei Gyoko 400 years festival, connecting Japanese traditional cultures
May 8, 2024
Speaker Wataru Miyajima: About the current situation and significance of business succession ~ Focusing on case studies~
Topics Kyoto Prefecture Business Succession and Succession Support Center General Manager
May 15, 2024
Lunch Speech by New Member
Topics Tea, Yamashiro and the 9th Generation
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Nozomu Bando: Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. Kyoto Branch Manager
Topics Some topics about Shikoku
May 22, 2024
Speaker Takeshi Mori: free announcer
Topics New employee education theory from the perspective of training new analysts
May 29, 2024
Speeches by Old, Middle Age and Young Members
Speaker Hideaki Obata: NISSIN ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Advisor
Topics Story of Two Great Old men I met
Speaker Kenji Nagoya: TAKENAKA CORPORATION Planners, Architects, Engineers & Contractors Executive Officer General Manager Kyoto Branch Office
Topics Think about building construction and Communication
Speaker Yu Matsui: Koekisha-Kyoto Co.,Ltd. President
Topics Self introduction
Jun 5,2024
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Yoko Masuda: DENTSU INC. /Head of dentsu kyoto
Topics Born as a ”fire horse woman”
Jun 12, 2024
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Akinori Ikejiri: ORIX Corporation, Kyoto Branch Manager
Topics Orix and My life
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Kensuke Mizuhara: Mizuhara Office Director
Topics A message for the inheritance of your thought and tradition
Jun 19, 2024
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Satoshi Kishida: Hitachi,Ltd Area Operation/General Manage
Topics Self introduction and some topics I concern.
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Shuhei Ichino: ASAHI BREWERIES, LTD General Manager Keiji Branch
Topics Self introduction and some topics about alcohol drinks.
Jun 26, 2024
Speaker Takahisa Takeda: President of Kyoto rotary club 2023-24
Topics Looking back on the past year
Jul 3, 2024
Speaker Makoto Ichikawa: 2024-25 President, Rotary Club of Kyoto
Topics 2024-25 Theme
Jul 10, 2024
Speaker Masaru Nakamoto: 2024-25 Governor, RID2650
Topics Governor's remarks for the official visit at Kyoto rotary club
Jul 17, 2024
No Meeting
Jul 24, 2024
Speaker Seiichi Hirai: Chair, Club Service Committee
Iwataro Oka: Chair, Vocational Service Committee
Akira Sasaki: Chair, Community Service Committee
Fumihiko Nagase: Chair, International Service Committee
Takuji Tanabe: Chair,Youth Service Committee
Topics Action program this year
Jul 31, 2024
Speaker Shoichiro Yamauchi: Chair, Singing committee
Topics Rotary Song Meeting

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