Programs in Weekly Meetings
Sep 4, 2019
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Hiroshi Tanami: Director, NHK Kyoto Station
Topics What I have done as a TV Producer
Sep 11, 2019
Lunch Speech by New Member
Topics On Insect
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Masashi Takizawa: Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto Regional General Manager
Topics The difference between service and hospitality
Sep 18, 2019
Topics Rotary Song Meeting
Sep 25, 2019
Speaker Ooyagi Atsushi: CEO Ooyagi Atsushi Office Limited company
Topics Former representative of Japan speaks ~How to enjoy the Rugby World Cup~
Oct 2, 2019
--- For Yoneyama Month ---
Speaker BENA NOVIANDARI DWI RAHAYU: Yoneyama Fellowship Student of Kyoto Seika University graduate school
Topics Memories of Kyoto, Life as a Foreign Student
Oct 9, 2019
Speaker Hirohiko Iiduka: President, Sankei Shimbun
Topics Newspaper in the internet age
Oct 16, 2019
Speaker Kazuo Honda: Chief priest, Heian Shrine
Topics Creatures of Heian Jingu Shrine
Oct 23, 2019
Speaker Rikifusa Satake: 2019-2020 Governor, RID2650
Topics Governor’s remarks for the official visit at Kyoto rotary club
Oct 30, 2019
Speaker Akimichi Takemura: Dean of Faculty of Data Science, Shiga University
Topics Social and industrial implementation of data science by Shiga University
Nov 6, 2019
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Shunichi Uchida: President Public interest incorporated foundation Kyoto International Conference Center
Topics The quarter century of away games
Nov 13, 2019
Speaker Tomoko Kawao: Calligrapher
Topics Calligrapher
Nov 20, 2019
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Kazuhiro Nishida: CEO Meetshop Hiro Co.,Ltd
Topics You are the doctor of meat from today
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Akira Sasaki: CEO Sasaki Brewery Co.,Ltd
Topics Family and me
Nov 27, 2019
Speaker Mitsuru Mizutaka: Senior Associate Director, Program Production Department.,NHK
Topics This is how“Chiko-chan would scold me!”was invented.
Dec 4, 2019
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Shoei Takeda: Honganji Temple Executive Director
Topics Introduction of Nishi Honganji

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