Programs in Weekly Meetings
Jul 7, 2021
Speaker Sadaaki Tachiki: 2021-22 President, Rotary Club of Kyoto
Topics 2021-22 Theme
Jul 14, 2021
Speaker Masuhiro Bamba: 2021-2022 Governor, RID2650
Topics Governor’s remarks for the official visit at Kyoto rotary club
Jul 21, 2021
Speaker Hajime Shogaki: Chair, Club Service Committee
Junya Kakuda: Chair, Vocational Service Committee
Koji Ishida: Chair, Community Service Committee
Masayuki Shimura: Chair, International Service Committee
Tadamasa Minami: Chair,Youth Service Committee
Topics Action program this year
Jul 28, 2021
Speeches by Old, Middle Age and Young Members
Speaker Takashi Tanigawa: Nisshosha Co.,Ltd. Chairman of the Board
Topics My Vocational Service
Speaker Jun Shirasaka: Nihon Electric Company Co.,Ltd. President
Topics Sakura-Gold
Speaker Takuji Tanabe: Medical corporation Chiinkai・director
Topics The current situation of workplace COVID-19 vaccination
Aug 4, 2021
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Seiji Yamauchi: DOCOMO CS Kansai,Inc.General Manager of Kyoto Branch
Topics what's G?
Aug 11, 2021
No meeting
Aug 18, 2021
Speaker Yuchi Kitagawa: The Chief Priest of the Nobel Soul Temple,Immediately Past President of GIFU ETHOS ROTARY CLUB
Topics Service activities are an extension of club service.
Aug 25, 2021
Evening Meeting <Online Meeting>
Speaker Takayoshi Miyaguchi: YANASE&Co.,Ltd. Rakuhoku Branch General Manager
Topics Imported car history
Enjoying Summer Music
playing: trombone Ikuo Kobayashi   Vice President, Sakaidani Kindergarten
piano Rika Kobayashi
Sep 1, 2021 <Online Meeting>
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Masaaki Yasui: Executive Officer and General Manager, Kyoto Branch Office Obayashi Corporation
Topics The World of Building Structures
Sep 8, 2021 <Online Meeting>
Speaker Hiroki Kamata: Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University; Specially Appointed Professor, Resilience Practice Unit, Kyoto University
Topics Wisdom for surviving the "Age of Global Change" in Kyoto
Sep 15, 2021 <Online Meeting>
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Motoyuki Furuta: General Manager, Kyoto Branch, Suntory Liquors Ltd.
Topics Baseball Stadium This and That
Lunch Speech by New Member
Speaker Masatake Wakana: Administrative Officer General Manager Kyoto Branch Office, West Japan Railway Company
Topics Rail Safety Trivia
Sep 22, 2021 <Online Meeting>
Speaker Takahiro Kaneshima: ACK Program director/Kyoto University of the Arts Visiting professor
Topics Expanding the world through a collection of contemporary art

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